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the end of my pregnancy
 my_empty_cradle - (jennyburnett)
03:42pm 11/06/2007
Jennifer posting in pregnancy loss
so my pregnancy is coming to an end.
blood testing has shown that my pregnancy count is dropping. i have been bleeding and cramping, but it stops frequently. so my doctor gave me choices. i ended up deciding on taking a drug called misoprostol (aka: cytotec) to help my cramping and contractions along.

i haven't yet inserted the misoprostol. it hurts too much to think this is how my connection to my baby ends. the pain and heartbreak of it all has been horrible. i know i can't continue to carry the baby (nor do i want to) but i seem to find myself scared and almost unwilling to end it all.
mood: heartbrokenheartbroken
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11:24pm 11/06/2007 (UTC)
Oh I am so sorry!!! I know how much it hurts..If you need to talk I am here for you! I wish I could take away some of your pain.((((HUGS))))
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03:55am 16/06/2007 (UTC)
thank you for being there & responding. i really thought the pregnancy was going to go smoothly. now that most of its over i feel numb, i'm taking that to be a good thing right now.
*hugs back*
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01:16pm 16/06/2007 (UTC)
I always was scared of the numb feeling but after the second loss in April i found it comforting in a way. Do they have any idea why it happened a second time for you? They have no clue for me. We are going to start trying again at the end of the year and as exciting as it would be I am terrified also.
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